21Jan, 2016

How to Play a Pitch Shot

Long drives are only so helpful if you do not know how to play a pitch shot. A pitch shot is played when you are too close to the green to play a full shot, but too far away to chip. It is a shot that has a lot of air time and very little roll time and is the perfect shot when you need the ball to stop quickly on the green.

Too many players struggle with this shot as they try to lift the ball into the air rather than using the loft on the club to do that for them. This lifting motion exposes the leading edge of the club to the ball and the result is a low shot with no spin that rolls across the green.

The other mistake I see players making is that they have been told to hit down on the ball as this will make the ball get up on the air. What typically happens with this swing thought is that the club digs into the ground and the ball goes about the same distance as the divot.

In this video I explain how to correctly play a pitch shot as well as how to control your distance on these shots.


If you would like to learn how to dial in your pitching distances, check out this video

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