31Oct, 2016

Better Putting Blueprint Series – Lesson 1, Pre Swing Fundamentals

It does not matter how much time you invest or hard you practice, if you do not have good pre swing fundamentals then you will always struggle to achieve the best results possible. Sound fundamentals give you a foundation from which more advanced skills can be learned and produced under pressure and are the cornerstone to every golf skill. Better putting is no different. A solid foundation of base skills is the prerequisite for developing more advanced skills in future videos.

In the first lesson in the Better Putting Blueprint series I discuss the key fundamentals that are necessary before you can go on to learn the more advanced skills presented in later lessons. This video covers stance, grip and set up keys that are common amongst all great putters.

Training Aids:
Eyeline Putting Pendulum – Click here to purchase 

Putting Practice Drills:
Eyeline Putting Pendulum
• Make 50 putting strokes to no particular target using the Eyeline Putting Pendulum
• Repeat every day for one week

Raised Alignment Rod
• Make 50 putting strokes to no particular target using the raised alignment rod
• Repeat every day for one week.

If you would like to access the rest of the Better Putting Blueprint series follow the links below.

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Lesson 5 – Green Reading – Coming Soon
Lesson 6 – Make More Short Putts – Coming Soon
Lesson 7 – Distance Control – Coming Soon
Lesson 8 – Pre Shot Routine – Coming Soon
Lesson 9 – Take It To the Course – Coming Soon
Lesson10 – Monitor Your Progress – Coming Soon
Bonus Features – Coming Soon

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