13Feb, 2017
Better Putting Blueprint-L5

Better Putting Blueprint Series – Lesson 5, Green Reading Basics

In lesson five of the Better Putting Blueprint series the focus is on green reading and thus how to decide where to start your putt. In earlier lessons we have spoken about your ability to aim the putter and start the ball on your intended line, but that only helps so much if you don’t know how to discover your intended line. 


This video explains the basic concepts of green reading and will clear up confusion you have about how a ball curves on the putting green. 


Training Aids Shown in this Lesson

Eyeline Slot Trainer – Click here to purchase 

Practice Drills

Eyeline Slot Trainer
• Select a breaking putt and aim the Slot Trainer on your starting line
• Putt several balls until you are able to determine the accuracy of your read
• Repeat to several holes


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