01May, 2018

Golf Lessons – Long Straight Drives – The Effect of Face and Path

Every golfer would like to hit long straight drives every time they tee off. But few players have a good understanding of the skills that go in to hitting these types of shots.


In this video, Director of Instruction Derek Hooper, discusses the influence of clubface and swing path at impact, on ball flight. So many players misunderstand how these two elements influence their ball flight. Misreading your ball flight and incorrectly assessing the influence of clubface and swing path will have you making the wrong corrections and then hitting the ball worse rather than better. After watching this video you will be able to better read your ball flight and make the right corrections that will help you hit long, straight drives more often.



If you would like to work with Derek on your own golf game click here to check out this video for more details or simply Click Here to reach out to Derek directly

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