01May, 2018

Golf Lessons – Long Straight Drives – The Effect of Spine Angle

Every golfer would like to hit long straight drives every time they tee off. But few players have a good understanding of the skills that go in to hitting these types of shots.


In this video, Director of Instruction Derek Hooper, discusses the influence of spine tilt on ball flight. Too many players get themselves into positions that make it impossible to launch the ball at the optimal angle and with the appropriate spin. Thus their drives often launch too low and then in an effort to get the ball higher the player will start hanging back, or keeping their weight on their rear foot. There is an easier answer and this video explains it clearly.


After watching this video you will be able to launch your drives higher and have the ball stay in the air longer which will give you long, straight drives more often.




If you would like to work with Derek on your own golf game click here to check out this video for more details or simply Click Here to reach out to Derek directly

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