03Jul, 2018
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Practice Like the Pros

There are huge differences between the way PGA Professionals play and the shots they hit compared to amatuer golfers. Many of these are things that you will find difficult to emulate for a variety of reasons. However, a huge difference between Tour players and amateurs that you can copy is how they practice. You can practice like the pros and squeeze the most from your practice time and ensure you are getting better as fast as possible.


In this video series, Director of Instruction Derek Hooper regularly shares ideas and concepts that anyone can implement to play better golf.



If you would like to work with Derek on your own golf game check out this video for more details, or simply Click Here to contact Derek directly.

  1. Lauretta Mckinnon says:

    That’s true, but l have gone back to golf after a 12 yr lay off. My handicap was 6. Enjoying playing again but my short game had left me. Derek’s videos have in spired me to practis, practise…and are putting me back on the right road. Thank you. They have given me a handicap of 19…which is a challenge. I am 64 tomorrow, and am going to play in the club championship next week. I will continue to watch your videos…they have given me the key.

    • Derek Hooper says:

      Thank you for there kind words Lauretta and all the very best for your Club Championship next week


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