K Coach Swing Analysis and Coaching Technology

I am always searching for new ways to help my players make faster improvements to their golf game. With the new K Coach 3D swing analysis system, I believe we now have access to the best method yet to help players better understand their golf swing and make the required technical improvements to play better golf.


Through the utilization of Trackman we accurately measure what the ball is doing to produce the players ball flight. We also measure how the club is moving to make the ball react the way it does. In the past we would then use video to analyze how the body was moving the club, but we were never able to accurately measure the body motion and more importantly train the new motion and measure progress.


K Coach screen


With the addition of the K Coach platform, we are now able to accurately measure what the body is doing to produce the observed club motion. Then the biofeedback program allows us to design training programs specific to each individual players needs so they can quickly learn the desired changes to their golf swing. We then track the improvement in ball flight with the Trackman and changes in body motion with K Coach.


The feedback from players who have used this learning system and the speed at which they are able to make significant improvements has been amazing. If you have been trying to improve your golf swing and are having limited success, this is something you simply must try.


K Coach vest