Work one-on-one with Derek to design and implement your own personal coaching program around your specific goals, needs and commitment level.


    Structured program with clearly defined goals, timelines and practice schedule all but guarantees you will be successful.


    No band-aid instruction. All coaching is delivered with the sole purpose of attaining the set long term goals in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

The best players in the world don’t take golf lessons. They have a Personal Coach to guide them in all areas of their game. Now you can too.

In the past you have worked hard to improve your game and shoot the type of scores of which you have always dreamed. If you are like most golfers your efforts have yielded mixed results.

Maybe you have a firm foundation of skills but being able to put it all together on the course on a regular basis is extremely difficult. You may be missing just one skill, that if improved will produce the breakthrough you have been searching for.

Too many golfers are looking for a quick fix, a swing tip that will solve all their issues. Unfortunately no such magical swing tip exists. The best players in the world did not reach their current level of play with swing tips, rather they followed a specific process. This same process is now available to you.

Every New Student Starts with an on Course Game Analysis

Before you can go anywhere you must first have a sound knowledge of where you are today. In respect to playing better golf this means completing a comprehensive game assessment in playing conditions under the supervision of your personal Coach.

Your on Course Assessment will include evaluation of:

  • – Full swing distance control
  • – Full swing accuracy control
  • – Full swing ball flight characteristics
  • – Full swing consistency of shots
  • – Course management and decision making
  • – Putting evaluation including green reading, distance and direction control
  • – Chipping evaluation
  • – Pitching evaluation
  • – Bunker play evaluation
You and Your Coach Will Design Your Personal Performance Plan

Taking the results from your on Course Assessment and your interview, you and your Coach will design a detailed written Personal Performance Plan. It will clearly outline the strengths of your game as well as the opportunities for improvement. It will also contain the plan that you and your Coach will implement in order for you to reach your playing goals.

Implement the Plan Utilizing The Four Steps to Mastery

The research done on motor learning shows that there is a four step process the learner must complete before they can say they have truly mastered a new skill.

Step One - Understanding Cause and Effect

This involves giving you the ability to read your shot results and relate it correctly to how you produced that shot, what you need to do to hit the shots you prefer and the drills that will help you learn the desired swing shape.

Step Two - Supervised Practice

Through supervised practice you will learn how to take your new skill and apply it to a variety of situations. We do this by challenging you through situations that are more like those you will encounter on the course – changing clubs, targets, the lie and shot shapes regularly and reinforce the knowledge you gained in step one.

Step Three - Transfer Training

You can now produce the new skill in a variety of situations. But can you do it under pressure? During Transfer Training we add competition, measured outcomes and consequences to your practice to further strengthen your learning.

Players will often talk to us about wanting to be more consistent. They talk about how they can hit one shot so poorly yet drop another ball and hit it perfect. The reality is that skills break down when the pressure you place on them exceeds your level of learning. When that happens you have two options – you can either remove the pressure (by hitting a poor shot) or you can deepen your learning of the skill through transfer training.

Step Four - Play

This is where you take all that you have learned in the first three steps and we show you how to transfer that into lower scores. This step is done entirely on the golf course. We discuss decision making, mental routines, green reading, shots from different lies and general course management.




Your complete game assessment will be a 9 hole playing analysis so your game can be evaluated in true playing conditions. ROCC Member Price $140.00.


$390.00 /month


One x one hour private lesson per month and one on course training session per month, cart fee included. ROCC Member $360.00



Three x one hour private lessons and a 9 hole playing lesson, booked at your convenience. ROCC Member $600.00

*Registration for Coaching Program Options 1 requires a minimum 3-month commitment.

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