Derek Hooper is the Director of Instruction at the Royal Oaks Golf Academy, Houston, Texas. Recognized as one of the best Instructors in State by Golf Digest, Derek specializes in working with each student on their entire game - technical, mental and physical. He will work with you to design a personalized game improvement program that will achieve your individual goals.

Meet Derek
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  • Sports science degree from Univ. of Queensland, Aus
  • AAA member of Australian PGA
  • 2013 – 18 Golf Digest Best Instructors in State
  • Titleist Perf. Institute Certified Level II Golf Coach.
  • Trackman Level II Certified Professional
  • Operation 36 Golf Level 2 Certified
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  • "I'm hitting the ball much better" Glen H
    Thank you for my time spent with you at the academy, my golf swing and striking the golf ball has greatly improved. I am hitting the ball much better than I have ever hit it before
  • "First hole in one" David H
    I just wanted to let you know that lessons with you have paid off in a big way. Yesterday I hit my first ever hole-in-one in league play. Hit a gorgeous (if I must say so myself) towering 9 iron, right at the pin. I didn’t see it go in, but based on the ball mark it backed up about 8 feet and went in the hole. What a thrill!! Thank you for the swing changes and pointers.
  • "New career low round" Judd M
    Thanks again for all your help in my golf game. My scores continue to improve. I shot my low round ever the weekend before last, 81. The new handicap revision came out today and I’m down to 13.7. It’s amazing to think I was a 24 when I started taking lessons from you.
  • "I'm hitting the ball fantastic" Ian M
    I played 18 today and worked on trusting the things we have been working on. I hit the ball fantastically for the most part and was very pleased. You are an amazing teacher and I can't wait to come take regular lessons from you.
  • "Golf is fun again" Damon W
    Since taking my lesson with you, my golf game has improved so much! I have lowered both my scores and handicap. I have gained 20 yards with my full swings on all of my clubs and hit more fairways and greens. I am scoring more par's and getting the occasional birdie. I cannot thank you enough for helping me and making golf fun for me.


22 Jun, 2017

Take Your Range Game To The Course

How have you been playing? Is the work on your game resulting in better shots and lower scores? Have you been able to take your range game to the course?   It is always exciting to see so many players…

13 Feb, 2017

Better Putting Blueprint Series – Lesson 6, Make More Short Putts

In lesson six of the Better Putting Blueprint series I share some wonderful short putting drills that accomplish a couple of key things that will guarantee you will make more short putts.  These drills allow you to replicate some of…

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