Derek Hooper is the Director of Instruction at the Royal Oaks Country Club, Houston, Texas. Recognized as one of the best Instructors in State by Golf Digest, Derek specializes in working with each student on their entire game - technical, mental and physical. He will work with you to design a personalized game improvement program that will achieve your individual goals.

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13 Nov, 2018

The Consistent Scoring Myth

Every week I meet players who complain to me about their lack of scoring consistency. They tell me about how one day they can play nicely and the next day shoot a score that is 10 shots higher. The reason…

30 Jul, 2018

New Golf Equipment Alone is Not the Answer to Playing Your Best Golf

If you want to play your best golf then having the right equipment must play a part in that process. Unfortunately, if you believe what is presented in the golf media, upgrading your equipment will be the magic solution to…

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