I love receiving new golf equipment as much as anybody.  It’s so much fun to be able to unwrap the new gear and I usually can’t wait it out to get out and try it. I am always interested to see how the ball might fly a little different to what my old equipment did.


If you want to play your best golf then having the right equipment must play a part in that process. Unfortunately, if you believe what is presented in the golf media, upgrading your equipment will be the magic solution to all your golf problems. The truth is that new golf equipment alone is not the answer to playing your best golf.


Each year we are promised that new golf equipment is the answer to all of your golfing problems. Whether that be 20 extra yards from the latest driver or more consistent iron shots. Yet over the past 5 years the best players in the world are not driving the ball 100 yards longer.


Technology changes only very slightly from year to year and it is difficult for the average player that usually has trouble hitting the middle of the clubface to see the small differences in performance. If we’re talking about the best players in the world using new equipment, then yes it makes a difference because they can hit the middle of clubface almost every single time and they definitely will get the most out of the changes in the technology.


If you have a crappy golf swing and hit big slices, new equipment is just going to help you hit the same ball poor slice. It may curve it a little less but if your swing path is going considerably across the golf ball and making the ball curve, then the new equipment is going to make it curve just the same.


If you are serious about getting better, about really playing well and shooting lower scores, then absolutely look at your equipment and make sure that it’s not holding you back, but you also want to make sure that you’re looking at changing your golf swing.


Get a lesson from an experienced golf coach. Someone you trust. Someone you want to spend time with. That is going to be the way that you’re going to be able to play better. Your equipment on its own is not going to get it done. It plays a small role in that process because it’s the club that interacts with the ball to move it. So absolutely look at your equipment but think about working with a coach on a regular basis. Someone who’s going to be able to help you improve all your golf skills that together contribute to more solid shots and lower scores.


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