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Operation 36 JUNIOR Golf Program

LEARN the Game + PLAY on the Course + TRAIN your skills

The Operation 36 Junior Golf Program provides players with the opportunity to work through a clear pathway to playing golf at whatever level they would like to attain. There are six levels with 12 subjects at each level through which students will progress at their own pace. Each student receives a metal bag tag and stickers each time they achieve an objective, with their progress also tracked in the OP36 app where points are awarded for a variety of completed tasks.

Since launching this program in the Fall of 2017, the feedback has been extremely positive from juniors and parents alike. The juniors love receiving stickers for their efforts and the parents love the clear structure and ease of tracking progress.

OP 36 Classes – The Operation 36 Junior Golf Program Academy Classes are designed to provide golfers a group coaching environment for you to learn the game, set goals, and develop your skills. Coaches will work through the Operation 36 Curriculum and allow you a chance to test and progress in your rank.

OP36 Matches – Operation 36 Matches challenge golfers to shoot the target score of 36 for 9 holes. The format tests scoring skills first by starting 25 yards from the hole and allows golfers to progress back as their skills develop.

OP36 Supervised Practice – Supervised Practice is a structured training session under the watchful eye of a trained coach. They will help you structure your practice and provide feedback to ensure your training session is as efficient as possible. The program is offered in 3 semesters per year – January to March, April to June and September to November.

junior private coaching

Specifically designed to meet the individual needs of High School players looking to enhance their skills so they can play and compete on their High School Golf Team and prepare for College Golf.

You love the game of golf and invest every spare moment on playing and improving your skills, but all that hard work and dedication will not yield the best results possible without a clear plan of how to reach your goals.

Too many golfers are looking for a quick fix, a swing tip that will solve all their issues. Unfortunately no such magical swing tip exists. The best players in the world did not reach their current level of play with swing tips, rather they followed a specific process. This same process is now available to you.

Your Personal Coaching Program will focus on helping you to develop the skills you need to shoot lower scores and then learn how to practice effectively so that you can own your swing patterns and be able to repeat them on the golf course and under pressure.

We will use the latest technology to track your progress to ensure all the work we are doing is having the desired results in terms of skill development and lower scores.

We start with your New Player Assessment, a 9 hole, on course evaluation of your game. Together we then consider your current skills, goals and time commitment to design your Personal Performance Plan. We then work that plan together to reach your golf goals.

To get started, click on the link to register for a New Student Assessment.