Why You Want Derek Hooper As Your Coach

The best players in the world reached that level by measuring their initial skills, implementing a plan to develop their weakest skills and further strengthen their best skills, then learning how to take those skills to the golf course to play better and shoot lower scores. They didn’t do all this on their own. They had a Coach.

Golf Coaching is about analyzing your entire game, then working closely with your Coach to design a coaching and training program to help you make any desired technical changes in whatever area of the game we decide is your greatest opportunity. I will then design practice drills that will help you solidify those changes and allow you to transfer those skills to the golf course.

If the best players have a Coach, then you should too.

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“A few weeks ago I told you that my goal was to shoot in the 70’s for the first time. Until yesterday, my lowest round ever played was an 81. Not only did I finally break into the 70’s yesterday, I shot a 1 under 71. Thank you for all the great instruction and insight around the course, without it I would have never been able to achieve two of my golfing goals.
~ John F.”

“I have made more strides in my game working with Derek than I ever have before. He explains things in simple, easy to understand terms that can be applied right away. Virtually every ball I hit is better than the previous one, thanks to Derek.”
~ Jake G.

“I have been taking golf lessons for years but have never had a better instructor than Derek. His knowledge, experience and love of the game is unsurpassed. He is able to break down and explain the golf swing and its mechanics in a way that has improved my game immensely. The proof is the shaving of 8 strokes off my handicap! I am now an 11.8 after I had been approaching 20! The proof is on the scorecard!”
~ Richard M.