There are 9 possible ball flights when you hit a golf ball. The ball flight drill and test I describe in this video is one I use with my better players to determine their ability to play all 9 shots. The players strengths and weaknesses in their flight control determines a variety of things that we will work on together.

By knowing the shots a player finds easy and difficult tells us a lot about their swing technique. I would prefer to help a player reach a point that they can control the ball flight sufficiently that they can hilt any shot shape at any time. To do that we must know what their swing tendencies are, and this drill is ideal for discovering just that. Together we would design a program that would add more ball flights to the players repertoire and thus give them more weapons with which to attack a golf course.

The second thing this drill will do is guide us towards developing an appropriate course management plan before we go on the course. I never want a player to try to hit a shot over which they do not have total control. Trying to play a fade to right pin position when  the player can only hit draws with control is a recipe for disaster. In such a situation we would discuss hitting the ball to a more generous target and wait for a hole with a more appropriate pin position for us to get aggressive.

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