Almost every golfer I have ever had arrive on my lesson tee has wanted to hit longer golf shots. Good golf may be a combination of distance and direction, but there is no doubt that distance dictates potential in this game. If you are unable to hit the ball at least 290 yards then the chances of you playing on the PGA Tour are all but zero. A similar point can be made if you want to pass certain scoring milestones, then you are going to need a particular minimum amount of distance to succeed.

To hit longer golf shots there is a certain way in which you need to swing the golf club. It is irrespective of swing style and is common to all great players.  The scientists call this swing pattern proximal to distal sequencing. More recently the golfing community has become familiar with the term Kinematic Sequence.

What all this means is that to maximize your distance the body segments must move in a particular order during the downswing. That order is hips, then upper body, lead arm and lastly the golf club. Players who hit the ball shorter than their potential get this sequence out of order.

In this video I show you a drill I have used for many years to help players feel the correct body sequencing during the golf swing. I am sure it will help you also.

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