Too many golfers do not have a sound understanding of how to start the takeaway. Players will often use too much forearm rotation or wrist hinge making the take away far more complex than is necessary.

In making such complex motions, they get the club out of position early and from there the rest of the swing is a rescue mission trying to get the club back to the ball.

Starting the club away from the ball in a manner that is easy to consistently reproduce and contributes to as simple of a down swing as possible is critical to consistent ball striking. The takeaway should involve as few moving parts as possible thus producing a motion that is easy to repeat.

In this video I explain a simple way to start the takeaway. A technique used by many great players and one you can use in your own game to help you hit the ball solidly more often.

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Now that you know how to start your take away, watch this video to learn how to keep your swing on plane throughout your golf swing –

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