Many players struggle to shoot the score they would like due to weak iron shots. Too often players hit the ground before the ball, hit the top of the ball or simply move the club too slowly to hit the types of shots they need.

Sound swing mechanics will produce plenty of distance on your iron shots. These swing mechanics are not the same swing mechanics that you see used on the PGA Tour. Those players spend hours every week in the gym just so they can move the club as fast as possible. It is simply unrealistic to expect you to swing the club in the same way. But most importantly you don’t need to hit the ball as long as Tour Player to reach your personal scoring goals.

In order for you to hit more powerful iron shots you need to make a few subtle changes to your swing that will allow you to free up your swing and generate more club head speed and thus distance.

In this video I demonstrate how you can hit more powerful iron shots with a couple of simple changes to your golf swing.

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There is a best way to make swing change, one that will stick and be available to you on the golf course. Click here to check out this video to learn more 

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