Each year I conduct three junior golf programs for athletes aged 11 to 18 years. It is so much fun to work with these young players who are excited to be a part of the program and then to see the improvements they make technically, physically and in their performance is extremely rewarding. Each of the programs is slightly different from the other and this year we had 32 athletes across the three programs.
Junior Scholarship Program – This program is designed for junior golfers who may not have had the opportunity to work with a golf coach on a regular basis but have the desire to work on their game and to reach their full golfing potential. Each April we will receive almost 80 written applications. The applicants will then complete a skills test and interview before we choose the final eight for the program.
Each successful junior receives weekly coaching, access to the practice facilities and golf course, as well as some golf equipment.
Competitive Golfer Program – This program is designed for junior golfers who are just starting to play in Tournaments. At the start of the program it is critical that the coaching team know the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete so we can design an individualized program for each of them. To do this we have an assessment day in April. On this day each athlete brings rounds analysis data either form last season or from rounds they have played to start the season, they complete a skills test, have their swing analyzed on video, take part in an interview on their goals for the year and complete a golf screening with our Academy Physical Therapist. I then take all that information and build each athlete their own personal annual plan with monthly and end of year goals. Each athlete then signs off on their plan at the first practice session or we make changes as necessary.
Throughout the season each athlete will complete monthly skill tests and rounds analysis data, as well as a weekly schedule so we can track how they are splitting their golf time into the different areas. Group coaching sessions are conducted twice per month, with time spent at the practice facility, on course and meeting with the team Physical Therapist.
High Performance Program –  This program follows the same outline as the Competitive Golfer Program but is designed for athletes who are playing a full Tournament schedule and are preparing to go to College. There are currently 6 past graduates of this program playing golf at the Collegiate level.
As it is the end of September, these junior programs have just concluded for the season. I am still collating final skills test and rounds analysis data and will post these results ion the near future. But I did want to share the groups Tournament results as of the end of this month.
To date the players have combined for 19 Tournament wins and 73 top 10 finishes. 
A fantastic result and just reward for all their hard work.
For the next two months some of the players are competing in some end of year Tournaments while others are taking a break from golf by playing other sports. But come December many of them are enrolled in our winter program where we will analyze this year’s results, form a plan to meet next year’s goals and start work on that plan so they are ready to compete when the courses open in April.
Does this sound like the type of program you are working through for your own golf game?
High Performance Program working on Chipping
Working with our Physical Therapist, Terry Ditmar
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