Putting is such an important part of shooting lower golf scores. In any given round shots played with the putter will be approximately 40% of the shots you play, and thus is an area of your game where you can make significant improvements to your score.

The problem I see players have all too often is that they have no idea what aspect of their putting is causing them problems and even if they do know, they have no idea how to practice that aspect effectively. Well today I am going to give you the answer to both these questions and if you follow the advice in this article your putting will become the strongest part of your golf game.

The first step is to figure out what area of your putting is limiting your ability to make more putts. These are the questions you must be able to answer:

SET-UP – Does your set up allow you to make a consistently, repeatable stroke?
PATH – Is the path that the putter traces consistent and allows you to start the ball on your intended line?
IMPACT FACE ALIGNMENT – Can you consistently return your putter to the appropriate aim at impact?
CENTER FACE CONTACT – Can you consistently hit the ball in the middle of the putter face?
SPEED – Are you able to adjust your stroke length to produce the length putt required? Can you control the speed of your putts?

There are a number of ways you can determine this:

Option 1: Take a golf lesson Contact your local golf professional and ask them to provide you with an analysis of your putting. Take along the above list and take notes based on the feedback they give you. The professional will also give you drills that you can complete to work on the areas they identify, but I am also going to provide you some below so you have lots of options.

SkyPro Golf Swing  and Putting Analyzer
SkyPro Golf Swing and Putting Analyzer

Option 2: Use a Putting Analyzer like SkyPro Putting analyzers are fairly inexpensive and can be attached to the shaft of your putter. They then connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and are able to measure a variety of key putting skills that relate to your putting motion. The best one I have found in Skypro. Not only is Skypro and excellent analysis tool but it also has a training mode that allows you to practice with accurate feedback.

Option 3: Skills Testing Just recently I was introduced to a free app that allows you to test the essential putting skills I listed above and it also serves as a training tool. The app is called Putting Bootcamp. It allows you to work through a series of tests and record your scores into the app. You are then awarded a level based on your score. Working through the tests on this app and taking note of your scores will allow you to see very clearly the skills that require the most attention.

Once you know what areas of your putting need some work, now you will need the perfect set of drills that will not only help you improve but also keep your practice interesting, challenging and allow you to clearly see if you are making progress. For this I recommend using the Putting Bootcamp app. It contains a nice variety of drills to keep things interesting and shows you how you can utilize a few training aids to provide you with the appropriate feedback and to easily build on your skills over time.

Putting Training Aids

Edge Putting Mirror

Edge Putting Mirror The Edge Putting Mirror is the most used mirror on Pro Tours around the globe. It gives you full view of your setup and stroke: your eyes, putter face, and shoulders. It includes slots for putter gate, ball gate, and release gate practice drills. The non-skid base makes it perfect for practice on the green or in the office. Usually $59.95. Get 20% off by clicking here.



Edge putting Rail

Edge Putting Rail The Edge Putting Rail creates instant muscle memory! It burns in a stroke that is simple, consistent and has a slight arc. You’ll hear and see when your stroke is on the money. The non-skid base keeps it in place on the putting green or on your carpet. Be confident your putter is swinging on the right path. Plus, the sound of your putter riding the powder-coated steel surface will do wonders for your tempo! Usually $59.95. Get 20% off by clicking here



Slot Trainer

Slot Trainer System Where the ball rolls is influenced by the Path of the Putter and the Aim of the Putter at Impact. The Slot Trainer is a two-piece system that helps specifically with Path and Face.
Lay down the Path Trainer and you will create your ideal path for your putter. Set up the Ball Path piece – you will have gates for your putter to swing through and a gate to make sure you are starting your putt on the intended line. They are made of 1/16 inch PVC so they don’t affect the height or your stroke and are the perfect size to fit easily into your golf bag. Usually $59.95. Get 20% off by clicking here


Putting Pendulum

Putting Pendulum The Pendulum Putting Rod has more than 100 fans on the pro Tours. They use it to help them stay in posture throughout the stroke and keep their hands from flipping at impact. The rod is perfect for developing the feel of a repeatable putting stroke using the shoulders to move the putter back and through. Usually $59.95. Get 20% off by clicking here

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