I believe I am very fortunate to do what I do, to have the opportunity to work every day with people who just want to play better golf. I also believe that I have an obligation to continually grow my knowledge and skills, as well as research the latest in technology that will help you to shoot lower scores faster and continue to enjoy playing golf.

The fall and winter is my time to attend seminars, do online webinars, complete additional certifications and explore new golf technology. These past few months I have been doing just these things. Over the next few months I will share what I have learned and show you clearly how you will play your best golf in 2015.

I see too many golfers who believe that golf is all about the swing. It is about so much more than that. Ultimately, golf is about getting your ball in the hole faster than your opponent and having fun doing it. I am going to launch a new program this year that will achieve exactly those two things for everyone who takes part.

Too many players constantly tinker with their golf game, working to improve through haphazard trial and error. They do not have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses because they do not track their rounds. They do not understand their swing tendencies and what motions produce particular shots because they have never had access to the technology and information to deliver this understanding. Thus they also do not understand what these results tell them about how to play better. They use a tip of week approach to improvement rather than having a set plan and a clear process that will all but guarantees playing their best golf more often.

Troon Golf Academy short game facility

Over the past 6 years we have conducted an extremely successful elite junior program which has yielded many College Scholarships for players, over 100 Tournament wins and an average yearly scoring reduction of 6 strokes per player. Within this program each player has clear goals and a Personal Performance Plan. They diligently work their plan and achieve amazing results.  This year a select few adults will have the opportunity to experience a similar program as well as achieve similar results.

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