The ball is above my feet, how do I play this shot? How do I stand? Where do I aim? Do I need to change my swing?

We all want to hit our best golf shots on the golf course and thus shoot lower scores. Unfortunately almost every practice facility in the country is not designed to help us do that. Every driving range has a dead flat teeing area yet the golf course is anything but flat. So how do we play shots from uneven lies?

In this video I explain the adjustments you need to make in order to hit a controlled golf shot with the ball above your feet. I outline the changes you need to make in terms of grip, aim, stance and swing pattern. It is not all that difficult if you take the time to go through the steps and make the small adjustments I outline here.

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Playing shots with the ball below your feet is equally as challenging. If you would like to learn more about how to play a shot with the ball below your feet, this video explains how to hit this shot –

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