Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Moving into a stable backswing position allows you to get to a fully loaded position at the top of the backswing. This stability is critical to being able to generate speed and consistency in the downswing.

Too many players believe the move into the backswing involves a weight transfer and thus the body must slide to accomplish this move. The reality is that such a move results in a very weak loading into the backswing and makes it all but impossible to generate maximum speed in the downswing, as well as extremely difficult to make consistently, solid contact.

In this video I show you a simple golf drill that I have used with many players that allows you to feel the correct loading in the backswing. It is a drill that you can do anywhere and I have seen great results from players who have worked through it.

From this stable backswing you will be able to generate more speed in your downswing resulting in shots that are more solid and longer.

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