Sliced golf shots are possibly the most common poor ball flight amongst golfers. But it can be corrected if you know what causes this ball flight and are then armed with a couple of simple drills to alter the critical impact conditions.

You may be confused as to why you are able to hit your shorter clubs relatively straight and yet the long clubs produced severely sliced golf shots? It is not that your swing is changing. Rather as the loft on the club decreases it is easier to make the ball curse, whether you want it to or not.

Most players who slice the ball believe this ball flight is a club face issue and thus work to close the face more though impact in an effort to stop the ball curing to the right (for a right handed player). The reality is that sliced golf shots are the result of a swing path travelling too far too the left, and it is changing this swing path that is key to altering the ball flight.

In this video I outline the main causes of the sliced golf shots and some simple drills you can implement immediately to hit the ball straighter.

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