Every golfer I have ever met wants to hit the ball longer. They know they need more club head speed to do that and believe that getting the club to the ball as soon as possible is the answer. But the reality is that they should be trying to get the club to the ball later. In other words they need to create lag in the golf swing.

When players start the downswing with the arms and club and the club moves away from the lead arm too soon, we call this casting the club. The opposite of this move is when the club actually gets a little closer to the lead arm as the swing transitions from back swing to downswing and we call this club lag.

The goal of every player who wants to move the club faster and thus hit the ball longer should be to create lag in the golf swing. In this video I outline some of the reasons I see players cast the club during the swing and show you a series of drills that you can use to create more lag and thus club head speed in your own swing.

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