Playing accurate pitch shots to the distance you want can be challenging for a lot of players. A player will do the correct preparation prior to playing the shot in that they laser an exact yardage, check their lie, wind and elevation change, but then guess at how long to swing the club to produce the required distance. Then they wonder why they are unable to pitch the ball close to hole on a regular basis. There is a better way.


I have been teaching my players a pitching distance matrix for a number of years and it has made a huge difference to their ability to regularly get the ball close to the hole with a pitch shot. It is a system that I copied from Dave Pelz, it is simple to understand and learn, as well as implement on the golf course.


The feedback from my players after learning the distance matrix is that this transforms their ability to pitch the ball close to the hole. As they set up to a shot there is no guesswork as to how long the swing should be or which club they should use. All the guessing is taken away and you are free to execute quality pitch shots. It will do the same for you also.


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To learn the fundamentals of playing a pitch shot check out this video

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