Historically golf has been viewed as a relaxing game where you walk on a manicured playing field, chat to your playing partners, maybe even indulge in a cool beverage, only stopping occasionally to swing a club at a little white ball. Over the past ten years this view of golf has slowly started to change.

Today, golfers at the highest level are viewed as athletes as the sport has become a power game with length becoming a key ingredient to success. To achieve greater distance the physical element has become more prominent. Players will work out regularly with trainers in an effort to improve their flexibility, strength, balance and ultimately longevity in the game. What this means to all golfers is this – if you want to maximize how far you can hit a ball and stay injury free while playing the game, then you should consider a golf specific exercise program.

You only have to switch on The Golf Channel or spend some time on the Internet to find any number of golf specific exercise programs. These programs typically focus on the accepted golfing muscles of the stomach, buttocks, legs and back. Although these can be a good place to start, if you want to maximize your return on the time you invest, there is a more efficient strategy available.

Every golfer has different strength and flexibility issues, which often determine the different moves we see in their golf swing. If you want to get the most out of your golf specific exercise program, and thus improve as quickly as possible you need a program that is based on what your current strengths and weaknesses are and also how you swing the golf club.

The best approach is to find a PGA Professional who either has been trained in exercise prescription or one who works closely with a Physical Therapist with experience in working with golfers. The PGA Professional will interview you to determine what it is you specifically want to get out of your golf game, before performing either a video or 3D swing analysis to determine technically what is preventing you from achieving your ball striking goals. Then the Professional or the Physical Therapist will go through a physical screening with you to determine if any of the technical issues in your golf swing are the result of physical imbalances. Only then will they prescribe your exercise program that will not only be golf specific but also specific to your own swing issues and physical weaknesses.

I have worked through such a process with many players over the past 12 years and have seen some incredible changes in swing technique and ultimately scoring on the course. If you want the most from your golf game then reach out to me today about how to get started on such a program.

Golf screening with a Physical Therapist

Screening for lower body range of motion and strength

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