If you have ever watched a PGA Tour event on TV you are certain to have heard one of the commentators mention swing plane. But what exactly is a golf swing plane and why is it important to your golf swing?

Swing plane describes how the golf club moves in relation to your body and the ground in the golf swing. The more your club moves on plane the simpler it is to return the club consistently to the golf ball at impact.

In this video I explain in more detail what swing plane is and show you some very simple drills that you can use in your practice to improve your ability to swing your club on plane. In doing so you will work with the momentum generated by your golf during the swing and use that energy to return the club to the impact more consistently and with speed.

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Many players ruin their swing plane with an incorrect takeaway. To learn more about why trying to start your take away straight back will make it impossible to get your club on plane watch this video  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-E2NQ1gdV0

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