Inconsistent ball contact is a frustration faced by many golfers. They try hard to allow the club to produce the desired ball then ground contact but only result in hitting too many thin and fat golf shots. Thin shots are when you hit ball only and occur when the club is moving up through impact instead of the preferred downward motion. Fat shots are when you hit the ground before the ball and occur when the club reaches the lowest point of the downswing too soon relative to the ball.


The secret to controlling distance and direction is the ability to consistently contact the ball before the ground. There are a number if ways to get this wrong and without recognizing the underlying causes it will be impossible to correct this issue.


In this video I explain one of the more common ways I see players produce both thin and fats shots. I also explain exactly what you need to do in your golf swing to ensure you hit solid shots more often.



Now that you have developed a more powerful golf swing, you may want to consider some ways to give you shorter shots into the green. To learn how to add 20 yards to your drives check out this video


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