Players will often comment to me that they feel they are swinging the club too fast and thus they are hitting poor shots. It is extremely rare that a golfer will move the club too fast as this would mean the ball is going too far and I never get players tell me that. The reality is that players often confuse a fast swing with one that is out of sequence and thus they have a less than ideal swing tempo. These players will typically try to generate too much speed with their arms and do not allow the entire body to contribute to generating club head speed. So the transition from back swing to downswing is incorrect and that produces the feeling of swinging too fast.


In this video I explain some simple drills and swing keys that you can use to create your ideal swing tempo, better balance and longer golf shots.


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Now that you have developed the ideal tempo for your golf swing, you may want to consider ensuring you make more solid contact on your fairway shots. To learn how to hit the ball before the ground every time check out this video


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