The ability to aim the putter correctly and then start the ball on your intended line is critical to consistent putting. So many players that I see struggling with putting have trouble primarily because of these two skills.

When players work on their putting they often will work on putter path control because that is easy to see and therefore easier to change. But the path is only responsible for about 10% of the balls starting direction. Putter face control is what should be the focus of your practice as it contributes 90% to the starting direction of your putt.

In this video I demonstrate a simple drill that will allow you to aim your putter correctly and then build a stroke that will start the ball on line every time. It is a great drill for training your eyes to see the line as well as build confidence on shorter putts.

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Once you can aim your putter correctly and start the ball on your intended line, it is then time to work on your distance control. To learn more about this skill, check out this video 

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