Are you regularly playing your best golf? Is your golf game getting better? Are you improving? Are your scores getting lower and lower year after year?

These are critical questions that should be asked on a regular basis. For if the answer is “No, I am not getting better”, then it might be time to do something different.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Yet every week too many golfers head out to the driving range, practicing the same old swing then take it to the course to shoot the same old scores. Why? Do they enjoy playing below their potential? I believe golfers enjoy playing well better than they like playing poorly. The problem is we are bombarded every day, through magazines and television, with the idea that great golf can be achieved through a quick fix. If that was really the case, then we would all be on the PGA Tour playing for a million dollars every week.

I hate to be the one to have to tell you, but the reality is this – Golf is a complex and difficult game and to play it well there is only one way to go about getting better.

You must have a Personal Performance Plan.

Creating and implementing your Personal Performance Plan is not difficult. In fact it is so simple it is surprising that everyone doesn’t follow such a plan. Here is the 4 step outline to create your own:

  1. Assess of your current skills
  2. Build the Plan – Based on your skills assessment, decide exactly what you need to improve in your golf game and how you will go about making that improvement in order to reach your goals
  3. Implement your Plan
  4. Track your progress

Simple isn’t it? Yet so very few people commit to this process.

My challenge to you is this. Stop settling for mediocrity on the golf course, where the rare good round happens far too infrequently. Rather, take the time to objectively assess your game’s strengths and weaknesses. Dream of the type of golf game you wish you had, and put in place a plan to achieve that type of play.

It is possible to play the golf of your dreams, and it only takes this simple process. What are you waiting for? Get started today and play your best golf more often.

Create your Personal Performance Plan

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always comments are welcome and appreciated.

Good Golfing


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